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1. Living room furniture, fronts

The Golmeb company has been operating on the market since 1990. We specialize in the production of room furniture, public use - hotel furniture and furniture semi-finished products.

Our advantage is that we produce semi-finished products ourselves.


  • veneered in natural veneer, oiled or stained and varnished,
  • MDF fronts covered with PVC foil,
  • frame and panel, patinated and varnished frame and panel,
  • acrylic,
  • high gloss lacquered,
  • finishing strips (over 30 different designs),
  • panels for furniture doors, including entrance doors,
  • two-sided curvilinear veneering of forms,
  • later used in the production of our furniture, and also offered for resale.

Our modernly formed, ready-made elements for the production of furniture and interior design enable furniture manufacturers to:

  • a significant reduction in the production costs of kitchen, room and hotel furniture
  • diversification of the offered models through the use of innovative shapes and profiles,
  • increasing the quality and aesthetics of production thanks to the use of a wide range of finishing elements,
  • quick adaptation of the offer to ever higher quality standards and changing stylistic preferences of consumers.

When designing our furniture, we use these advantages of products and thanks to this, we create furniture that will give each interior a unique effect, such as: room furniture, bedrooms, kitchen furniture, system furniture, youth sets and upholstered furniture. All these pieces of furniture are made in a wide range of colors. Our primary goal is, above all, to take care of the client's well-being, which is why we attach so much importance to the quality and finish of the furniture.


2. Hotel furniture, furniture according to customer's requirements

We also provide comprehensive interior furnishing of hotels, apartments and offices with room, kitchen and bathroom furniture according to the client's design. We operate on the basis of the architect's design or we prepare the room design on our own to undertake the valuation and propose a solution in accordance with your wishes. We help in the selection of materials, as well as create the final design and visualizations. We can create a design based on our collections or use an individual model of furniture according to the customer's wishes.

We produce furniture mainly from chipboard, MDF, plywood. We cover furniture with PVC foil (mat, super mat, gloss) with high-gloss acrylic, we use veneering and varnishing.

We have modern CNC machines, we undertake milling and cutting of unusual shapes.

Due to to modern production technology and extensive experience (we have been operating since 1990), our products are of high quality. Orders are processed quickly and on time.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with us, wishing you satisfaction with the use of our furniture.

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